Dear Suzzy

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Dear Suzzy,

Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much in Hawaiian, but I bet you know that) for your and Ed’s kind kokua for Amara. She strives for excellence, is making great progress all things considered, and working so hard. I also benefit from your kind kokua towards her. How may I be of assistance to you? Let me count the ways…

  1. Grounds Keeping. I have done a little cleaning. There isn’t much poop on the poop deck, for example.
  2. Security. I am expert level in security systems and not a small guy. Your property is safer if I am on it.
  3. Revenue. I am expert level in online promotion. You already have a guy/gal who does your web presence and their work is great. I love your sites. At no cost to you, my presence can add to your online presence and possibly improved website features as well as via social media networks like facebook, instagram, etc. I am an excellent asset to any business.

My personal story and is a long one, but let’s just say I have been computing since 1975 and was doing well till I hit a speed bump in life. I am very very capable technologically speaking, but I have also managed a couple of 7-11’s and a few computer schools. Is there anything I can do to help You, Amara, and oh yeah… help myself at the same time? I have 3 ideas listed above. Please think about the above possibilities or others with aloha and love.

Mahalo nui loa for your kind kokua and with warm Aloha!


p.s. my resume is at